Birb Roadmap

Welcome to the Birb Roadmap.

Our team of dedicated developers is working around the clock to make Birb a feature-rich DeFi Cryptocurrency.

Our Vision

Birb has a hard-working and dedicated team.

We all have one goal in mind: to make Birb a trusted multi-use DeFi cryptocurrency for the masses.


Birb Rewards Portal

With the Birb Rewards Portal, anyone can take their chance to hatch the nest every 24 hours when the pool is reset. With our Birb Rewards Portal, you have a chance to hatch and claim a 1% reward of drained BIRB tokens. Rewards are available every day in our rewards portal. Our web app also rewards our top holders. The top 250 holders receive 48% of the BIRB that was drained.

Visit Birb Rewards Portal
Birb Rewards Portal
Birb Charity
Charity Started

Helping Birbs In Need

At Birb, we love birds, all animals, and people in general. The Birb team has decided on doing charity work to help people and animals in need. All proceeds from our upcoming merchant store will be donated to select charities that the Birb community can vote on. A weekly amount of $BIRB tokens will also be allocated to the Charity of the communitys choice.

Development Q2-Q3

Accept $BIRB On Your Online Store

Accept $BIRB in most popular e-commerce platforms. Our development team is working hard on plugins and apps to accept BIRB on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and even the Dark Net.

Birb Payment Apps and Plugins
Birb Voting Platform
Development Q4

Birb Voting Platform

Birb is a community-governed cryptocurrency that allows Birb token holders to take part in governance. Birb holders can vote on important proposals and contribute to foundational governance decisions, such as community voting on additional features and funding allocations for development initiatives.

Development Q4

Win Big With Birb Lottery

The Birb lottery will be a fun way to earn a considerable amount of $BIRB tokens. Users can simply buy a lottery ticket and check if they're the lucky winner to hit the jackpot. Different types of games will be coming soon, our team is still brainstorming on the best choices.

Birb Social Send
Development Q4

Send Coins Via Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, And More

Send Birb Cryptocurrency to anyone on most social media platforms, even if they don’t have a Birb Wallet. We believe this crucial step will help expand the uses of BIRB on popular social platforms.


Swap securely with BirbSwap

With BirbSwap’s upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX), you can quickly buy, sell, or swap tokens. Stay Private. No need to do lengthy KYC requirements and divulge all your personal information.

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Flock Protocol Privacy Feature
Development Q4

Flock Protocol Privacy Feature

With the upcoming BIRB Wallet and web app, you will be able to send ultimately anonymous transactions hidden from the public.


A collection of Limited Birb NFTs

The Birb NFT marketplace will allow anyone to offer their artwork. People can then bid and purchase an NFT. Our design team is also currently working hard on several one-of-a-kind artworks. We will have several NFTs for sale, including some highly limited-edition pieces that come with original paintings.

Birb NFT

Limited Edition NFT

Each limited edition Birb NFT comes with its very own original and signed painting.


Talented Artists

Look around our website and view our awesome birb art. We are proud to have such an amazing design team.


NFTs are Tradable

Each of our NFTs is tradable and one-of-a-kind.

Birb Active Developers
Got an idea?

Do you have something in mind
that our dev team can build?

Let us know if you have any further development ideas in mind. Our team of developers may consider your idea and add it to our roadmap. We will compensate you with Birb tokens for any idea that we end up adding to our roadmap.