Welcome to the New Birb Roadmap.

Our team of dedicated developers is working around the clock to make Birb a feature-rich DeFi Cryptocurrency.

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Birb has a hard-working and dedicated team.

We all have one goal in mind: to make Birb a trusted multi-use DeFi cryptocurrency for the masses.


Birb Rewards Portal 2.0

The new rewards portal will not need any user interaction and will show statistics and the current top holders. Your wallet address would be detected even if you are staking in the BirbSwap pool and every week there will be an airdrop to your wallet. That's it, fun and simple, and you will get BIRB tokens just for holding and being a top 250 holder.

Sit back and relax while you gain Birb tokens. Our previous rewards portal was connected to the token contract itself and used the BIRB liquidity on PancakeSwap. The new portal will have its own pool to not have any negative impact on the liquidity. This new portal will reward the Top 250 users automatically.


Win Big With Birb Lottery

Our new Birb Lottery game is a fun way to earn BIRB tokens. You are betting BIRB tokens to win more BIRB tokens. There is also a chance to win BNB jackpots when playing.

The randomness is provided by an off-chain oracle. It is 100% fair and unpredictable. Have fun and enjoy playing the Birb Lottery game.

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Helping Birbs In Need

Birb is completing a directory of charities and shelters that can accept BNB or BIRB as a donation.

At Birb, we love birbs, all animals, and people in general. The Birb team has decided on doing charity work to help people and animals in need.


Accept $BIRB On Your Online Store

Birb has three existing plugins including WooCommerce, PrestaShop and OpenCart. Magento is next in our list.

Accept $BIRB in most popular e-commerce platforms. Our development team is working hard on plugins and apps to accept BIRB on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and even the Dark Net.

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Birb Voting Platform

Birb is a community-governed cryptocurrency that allows Birb token holders to take part in governance. Birb holders can vote on important proposals and contribute to foundational governance decisions, such as community voting on additional features and funding allocations for development initiatives.

We are currently improving the user interface design and adding additional features.


Send BIRB Via Telegram, Twitter, Twitch, And More

Telegram tipping, Twitter tipping, Twitch donations and much more is coming. Send Birb tokens to anyone on most social media platforms, even if they don’t have a Birb Wallet. We believe this crucial step will help expand the uses of BIRB on popular social platforms.


Swap securely with BirbSwap

With BirbSwap’s upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX), you can quickly buy, sell, or swap tokens. Stay Private. No need to do lengthy KYC requirements and divulge all your personal information.


Birb NFT Season 2 Collection

After the great success of our Birb NFT collection that was sold out quickly, we will release a new Birb NFT series. A new collection of Birb NFTs is currently being completed by our conceptual artist and our lead artist.

Our NFTs are adorable but also have many use cases such as Enchanting (You can upgrade the rarity of your existing NFTs), Staking (Earn Birb and BNB), and they will be playable on BirbBattles, our upcoming play-to-earn game.


Flock Protocol Privacy Feature

With the upcoming BIRB web app, you will be able to send private transactions hidden from the public. We currently have our two main developers working on this now.

Message from developers (August 8, 2022): Last weekend, a prototype of the Flock Protocol was built by the development team. The prototype will run for ten days to generate enough data to make some final technical design decisions. We expect to have a final technical blueprint ready in 14 days and we will then start building the MVP (minimum viable product).


Birb Notary Service

Our Birb Notary service will be an important tool to check whether your documents and files are secure and have not been tampered with. You can prove you are the original owner of your file. It will be a blockchain notary that allows you to store hashes of files within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

With our Birb Notary service, your browser processes the data and your files never leave your computer and they are never uploaded to our server. Each registration will come with a certificate.

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  • Doxxed founders with a Birb LLC corporation
  • Expanded development team. Experts in smart contracts
  • We have an amazing community!
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  • Doxxed founders with a Birb LLC corporation
  • Expanded development team. Experts in smart contracts
  • We have an amazing community!