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Advanced privacy is fully powered by a Smart Contract.

Introducing Flock Protocol

Birb will have an advanced privacy option fully powered by a Smart Contract. We want our users to have the option to remain private by obfuscating your Birb transactions using unique algorithms to secure your identity. Our privacy feature will dissociate your identity from your transactions by adding an extra layer of privacy using a Smart Contract.

Flock Protocol by Birb

Privacy for Everyone

It will be a complex process simplified by a user-friendly interface. We can’t wait to show you Flock Protocol live!

Birb Drain


You have the option to send private transactions using the upcoming Flock Protocol feature. Flock protocol will be released in Q4.

Birb Hatch

Timed Sending

Flock Protocol will allow you to send timed transactions further protecting the privacy of the sender. The smart contract would be the sender.

Birb Holder Rewards

Accept Private Payments

Birb payments can also be accepted on TOR websites with our upcoming (Q4 Release) No-JavaScript shopping cart and multivendor scripts.

Birb Privacy

How Will Our Decentralized Payment Feature Work?

It will work by blocking the senders completely from the transaction. A user will send an amount to the Smart Contract, for example, 100 Birb. The Smart Contract will send you a random amount equaling the total value to your desired address(es). Additionally, there will be advanced timed options, among other features.

Once your birb is mixed, the same privacy page will allow the Smart Contract itself to send the transaction to the receiver. There will be no way to trace who the sender of the transaction is because the sender is the Smart Contract. Our development team is currently working on different ways to make this possible.

This same feature will also be available in the upcoming birb Wallet.

Accept Birb Payments On The Dark Net

Birb payments can also be accepted on TOR websites with our No-JavaScript shopping cart and multivendor scripts. This will allow you to accept Birb privately and anonymously on your TOR .onion website. We believe this is a crucial step to make Birb one of the most useable cryptocurrencies.

Birb Darknet
Binance CEO

Powered by our Smart Contract

We chose Binance smart chain for Birb because ethereum fees were getting larger and larger and we want people to use Birb also as a currency and for sending tokens to one another be it tiny amounts or a sizeable amount with a low fee.

We also want birb to be used for tipping people and sending birb coins easily around the world without having to worry about high fees. Binance smart chain allows us to do this and we trust Changpeng Zhao and the binance team and know we made the best decision for our beloved coin, Birb.

Good luck hatching the nest and keep gaining those Birbs! 🦜

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