Hi there, and welcome to Birb!

We created a simple, safe, and easy-to-use digital currency with many available, versatile features.

At Birb, we hold the security and safety of our users in the highest regard, constantly striving to provide a protected and secure experience for all.
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Soaring into the Future: The Genesis of the Birb Project

Once upon a time, in a world where complex cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology left many feeling overwhelmed, Birb emerged as a friendly and fun solution for people of all ages—even "newbies"!

Our mission? To make the intricate blockchain world as enjoyable and straightforward as possible, empower our community and users to send and receive transactions effortlessly, accept BIRB as a payment method in your online store, send payments privately, and so much more.

In our quest to make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible, we craft each new Birb application with a universal, user-friendly design that welcomes everyone with open wings.

But why "Birb," you ask? Our passion for birds and all animals is the beating heart of our project. Birds—an intelligent species—often go unnoticed, yet they play a vital role in our ecosystem and tirelessly observe our world.

Inspired by the freedom and adaptability of our feathered friends, we designed Birb to soar above politics. Our vision is a world where everyone can get along, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, and can effortlessly make domestic and international transactions—fast, simple, and with no limitations, just like the boundless flight of birds!

So, join the flock and experience the joy of using Birb, the cryptocurrency that brings people together.


The Birb Community

The vibrant Birb community is a colorful flock brimming with essential members! From our dedicated moderators who keep the skies clear to our enthusiastic community members who contribute their unique chirps, each individual is a vital part of the Birb family.

Meet The Birb Team

We are a dedicated and passionate team, devoted to ensuring Birb's outstanding success.

Birb Multi-Signature and Time Lock Contract Transparency Report

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Tokenomic Details and Transperancy Report

Our top priorities are community, transparency, and trust. Detailed information on Birb tokenomics and allocation can be found in our comprehensive transparency report.

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