Birb Social Sending

Send Birb By Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, And More

Easily send Birb tokens to anyone on most social media platforms. We believe this is a crucial step to make Birb one of the most useable cryptocurrencies.

Popular Social Platforms

Soon you will be able to send Birb tokens to anyone on most social media platforms. Platforms include Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, WeChat, and more.


View Some Of The Advantages Of Sending Birb

Sending Birb instead of other cryptocurrencies has several advantages. View some of them below.

Instant Payments

Quick Payments

You can send Birb tokens to anyone quickly on most social media platforms.

Easy Donations

Easy Donations

Giving a monetary donation has never been easier with Birb. Simply choose an amount and send.

Birb Private Transactions

Anonymous Donations

If you would like to send an anonymous donation, you can do so easily with Birb.

Accept Birb Tips

Accept Birb Tips With Ease

Online streamers and social media influencers can accept Birb tips or payments with our upcoming social-sending platform. This convenient process increases revenue without paying merchant accounts a certain percentage of your donations.

Send A Birb Token Request

Users can request Birb tokens in a pleasant and user-friendly way for their services via social media platforms. This allows users to get paid instantly with no hassle from merchant accounts or high fees.

Birb Token Request
Binance CEO

Binance Smart Chain

After careful consideration our team of developers decided to build Birb on the BSC platform powered by Binance. We believe this is crucial to offer instant payments and low transaction fees. This will allow us to make Birb one of the most useable cryptocurrencies.

Binance Smart Chain
Birb Ecommerce Plugins and Apps
Coming Soon

Accept Birb Payments On Your Online Store

Do you have an online shop? Accepting Birb as a payment method has several benefits that can increase your revenue. Click the button below to learn more about our upcoming Birb payment platforms.

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