Birb Flock Protocol
How it works
Welcome to BIRB's Flock Protocol. Need some privacy? Start here! 🔥

BIRB's Flock Protocol tries to protect the identity of the Sender's wallet address. While a Receiver might know the Sender, that does not automatically mean that the Sender is happy with the Receiver knowing anything about its assets.

To protect the Sender's assets from snooping Receivers, BIRB places a layer in between that receives the funds from the Sender and sends the same amount to the Receiver with minimum traceability.

  1. Input total amount
  2. Input receiver address
  3. Pay the Flock Fee
  4. Send part 1/2
  5. Send part 2/2
Be sure to send both parts before leaving this page!!
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Birb Flock Protocol
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