Birb Rewards Portal

Birb Rewards Portal

The Birb Rewards Portal is fun and easy to use.

How Does The Birb Rewards Portal Work?

Using our Birb Rewards Portal is simple, but before we discuss how to use the portal, we will explain what happens with birb tokens at PancakeSwap.

Every 24 hours, 5% of the Birb token supply on PancakeSwap will be drained. Any user can call the action to hatch the nest (drain the pool) to gain 1% of the daily drained birb tokens. The nest can be hatched once every 24 hours. Only one user can call the function, so be quick, and you will have a chance to earn some birb coins!

51% of the drained tokens will be burned forever. 48% of the drained Birb tokens will be distributed to the top 250 holders every 3 days. A user must call the action in the Birb Rewards Portal to receive their Top Holder Reward.

Rewarding our top holders is crucial to us, and after much thought by our development team, we all decided that the top 250 holders are an excellent choice. The team’s wallets will never be part of the portal, so only you can enjoy the benefits.

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Birb Rewards Portal - Hatching

Easy To Use Birb Rewards Portal

It is fun to use, and, most importantly, you have a chance to gain Birb coins for playing.

Birb Drain

Step 1: Drain

Only 5% of BIRB tokens in the PancakeSwap pool are drained daily. Every 24 hours, any holder can call the action to drain the pool. Remember, only one holder can call the action, so you must be fast!

Birb Hatch

Step 2: Hatch

The user who successfully drains the pool will receive 1% of the drained BIRB tokens as a reward. This is what we like to call “hatching the nest.” All holders can take their chance to hatch the nest every 24 hours when the pool is reset in our gaming portal.

Birb Holder Rewards

Step 3: Holders Earn Rewards

Holders can still earn even if they could not hatch the nest! Every 3 days, the top 250 holders are automatically distributed 48% of the drained BIRB.

Birb Rewards Portal Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

We encourage you to read our step-by-step guide on how to use the Birb Rewards Portal. It is fun to use, and, most importantly, you have a chance to gain Birb tokens for playing.

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Powered By Our Smart Contract

The Birb Rewards Portal is powered by our Smart Contract in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We chose Binance Smart Chain for Birb because Ethereum fees were getting increasingly larger, and we want people to use Birb as a currency and send coins in any amount to one another with a low fee.

We also want birb to be used for tipping people and sending birb coins easily around the world without worrying about high fees. BSC allows us to do this, and we trust Changpeng Zhao and the Binance Team. We know we made the best decision for our beloved coin, Birb.

Good luck hatching the nest and keep gaining BIRB! 🦜

Birb is a Hyper-deflationary Coin

A Hyper-deflationary Cryptocurrency

Birb is a hyper-deflationary coin, and our total supply will keep getting smaller. This will help birb raise in value. We also believe in rewarding our holders and this portal helps us accomplish this.

The birb team is working daily to make Birb one of the most useful coins available with many real-world use cases.

We encourage you to view our roadmap to see what is coming and what our team is working on. You can also join our beta tester program to help us test new upcoming features.

If you have any ideas or recommendations, we welcome you to contact us. Our community is very important to us and all of your voices will be heard. If we end up adding your idea to our roadmap, we will reward you with birb coins.

Have Any Questions?

Contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.