Hi there, and welcome to Birb!

We created a simple, safe, and easy-to-use digital currency with many available, versatile features.

Read our story


Read Our Story

Birb was created for people of all ages to use as a cryptocurrency by simplifying a complex process that makes the intricate blockchain user-friendly to everyone, even “newbies.”
Our goal is to provide our community and users with an easy and fun way to send and receive transactions, privately swap tokens, vote on upcoming developments, and more.
We believe using cryptocurrency should be easy and straightforward. Each application we build uses a universal, user-friendly design for anyone to easily access Birb.
At Birb, we are also passionate about birds and all other animals. Even though birds and their importance to our ecosystem are often unnoticed, birds, an incredibly intelligent species, always observe us.
We created Birb with birds in mind. Cryptocurrency should work in the same way in which birds fly freely and ignore borders and politics. We aim to make Birb accessible for every person, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, to conveniently make domestic and international transactions simple and fast—no limitations, just like birds!

Birb Tokenomics

See the Birb tokenomics in the pie chart below. More details of each allocation will be shown under the pie chart.

Gnosis Safe Multisig

Gnosis Safe Multisig will be used for any $BIRB wallets.

$BIRB Tokenomic Details

Our community, transparency, and trust are our highest priority.

PancakeSwap/ApeSwap liquidity (locked): After our presale, the BNB will be used to provide liquidity to PancakeSwap/ApeSwap to give value to our $BIRB tokens. Public launch will also be used for PancakeSwap/ApeSwap Liquidity. Liquidity will be locked for 2 years.

Presale: Funds will be raised to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap/ApeSwap. Liquidity will be locked.

Airdrop, bounty & launch campaign: This fund will be used for our launch marketing campaign, press releases, a bounty, and an airdrop campaign to attract new users to our $BIRB token.

Marketing fund: The marketing fund will be used for centralized exchanges, influencer promotions, and community-building giveaways and competitions. 90% of tokens will be locked for 1 year to provide transparency and trust.

Charity fund: With BirbCharity the community will vote on which charity the donations will go to. All merch shop profits will be donated to https://www.birdrescue.org. 90% of tokens will be locked for 1 year to provide transparency and trust.

Artists, Team, and founders: We have a team of artists, developers, support, marketing, and founders that work hard daily to make sure $BIRB is successful. 90% of tokens will be locked for 1 year to provide transparency and trust.

Development (Full time developers, community voting on developments): The community will vote on developments and the path of $BIRB. The development fund will be on a multi-sig wallet and only if a vote passes can the funds be released from the development fund. We have a team of hard-working full-time developers ready to make Birb one of the tokens with the most use cases. Birb is a long-term project. 90% of tokens will be locked for 1 year to provide transparency and trust.

Staking, liquidity & lottery rewards: This is an important part of our upcoming BirbSwap. Please note that no more $BIRB tokens can ever be minted. We have this fund to provide users with incentives to provide liquidity in our upcoming BirbSwap. Our community lottery will also use this fund. 90% of tokens will be locked for 1 year to provide transparency and trust.

View Our Smart Contract Audits.

At Birb, we believe believe transparency is key to the project success. Our smart contract audits explain everything in detal to give you peace of mind.

Classic BIRB Contract Address: 0x82A479264B36104be4FDb91618a59A4fC0F50650

New BIRB Contract Address: 0x88888888Fc33e4ECba8958c0c2AD361089E19885


Meet The Birb Team

We have a hard working team eager to make Birb a success.


Ankush Sharma

Experience in blockchain development. Expert in frameworks including node.js,angular.js,react.js, vue.js, Codeigniter and Laravel.


Josue Sandoval

PuffedBirb is a front-end and back-end, web developer. UI/UX designer. I enjoy developing eCommerce plugins and apps. Yes, Jesse is my twin brother.


Jesse Sandoval

ChirpJedi is a front and back-end web and application developer. He is also an avid artist with experience in graphic design and SEO/SEM expert.



BirbRoss takes care of all the custom artwork you see on our website. Our logo, icons, and any custom image with our mascots were designed by him.


Linnea Houskeeper

Expert Writer, Proofreading. BA (Summa Cum Laude) in English Literature and Communications from Marywood University and MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University.



An expert in blockchain and smart contract development. AnonBirb will be working on the privacy aspects of our project, including Flock Protocol.

We give a special thank you to other team members working on marketing, development, social media, and customer support. We will continue adding more people to our team. If you have any skills you feel would be beneficial to our project please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to expand our team.


Earn Birb with our Simple Web App.

We developed an online rewards portal where users can enjoy using the portal to claim BIRB tokens. The web app also rewards the Top 250 Holders every three days. We welcome you to visit the Birb Portal and start earning BIRB today.

Swap Privately with BirbSwap

With BirbSwap’s upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX), you can anonymously buy, sell, or swap any cryptocurrency. Liquidity providers will also share in the profits from BirbSwap exchange fees.

Accept Birb

Accept Birb Payments

Soon you can accept and use $BIRB in popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and even the darknet. All payouts are within seconds.

Protect your privacy

Send Completely Private Transactions.

At Birb, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. With the upcoming BIRB Wallet, you can send completely anonymous transactions hidden from the public.


Send Private Transactions

Safeguard your identity with the upcoming Birb Wallet by sending completely private transactions, hidden from the public. Flock Protocol is coming in Q4.


Quick Payments

Get paid in just a few seconds with no annoying wait-time to receive a transaction.


Complete Fraud Protection

You are protected from customer fraud when accepting Birb payments.

View some of the features Birb has to offer.

Birb is a community-governed cryptocurrency that rewards our holders, and we are constantly adding more features, such as diverse security options, e-commerce plugins, and social $BIRB sending. Birb plans to be a leader in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Cryptocurrency.



Introducing BirbSwap, a highly secured decentralized exchange that will allow you to easily buy, sell, or swap different tokens quickly. BirbSwap will be fully audited before release.


Birb Voting Platform

We are currently working on a community voting platform where BIRB holders can vote on upcoming developments and for the future direction of BIRB.


Holder Rewards

Birb puts its holders first by rewarding 48% of drained $BIRB to the top 250 holders every three days! Visit https://app.birb.com to start earning BIRB today.


Active Developers

We have experienced developers specialized in smart contracts, web applications, software security, and more.


Private Transactions

Safeguard your identity with the upcoming Birb Wallet by sending completely private transactions, hidden from the public.


Safe and Secure Payments

Rest easy knowing you’re fully protected. Accept quick Birb payments on popular ecommerce platforms without risk of chargebacks or fraud.

Have Any Questions?

Contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.